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Archimedes Bath Tub Lift

$399.00 $319.00
Archimedes Bath Lift If you need more back support, the Archimedes is the perfect solution Made by Mangar.   Lower and raise yourself in and out of the bath on the reassuring and comfortable fixed position seat using the battery powered...
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Camel Emergency Lifting Chair w/Airflo 24 - 700# Capacity

from $2,999.00 $2,399.00
Camel Emergency Lifting Chair The Camel is a moving and handling product that will both sit up and lift a fallen person from any location, such as the comfort of your own home, and outdoor environments as well. This inflatable lift chair...

Elk - Emergency Lifting Cushion w/Airflo 24- 1000# Capacity

from $1,999.00 $1,599.00
Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion The Elk is a moving and handling product designed specifically for helping a loved one, resident, or patient up off the floor from a fallen position. Incredibility compact and lightweight, the Elk's powerful battery...

Lift, ABLE, (Aquatic Bath Lift Elite) 300# Capacity

The ABLE (Aquatic Bathtub Lift Elite)   The Aquatic Bathtub Lift Elite or ABLE lift is a wall mounted bathtub lift. It provides those individuals that need added assistance, the ability and security to use their bathtub easily and comfortably...