The Heel Manager™

Heel Offloading Elevator with high-end support features for care of damaged, weakened skin

Effective offloading is essential for the care of the bony prominence in the heel – one of long-term care’s vulnerable tissue sites.   In addition to fully offloading both heels, the Span-America Heel Manager’s gentle slope aids in circulation - key for patients with diabetes, neu­ropathy, and peripheral vascular disease.  The 30 percent larger, tissue-friendly, dual layer design with ultra-high per­formance foam supports the calves with new levels of comfort and stability.

As the second most common pressure ulcer site, heels require special attention and care. Heel ulcers can lead to serious complications, increase healthcare costs and lead to regulatory ramifications (i.e., compliance issues with F-314).
National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) directive: “Ensure that the heels are free of the surface of the bed. Heel-protection devices should elevate the heel completely (offload them) in such a way as to distribute the weight of the leg along the calf." 1

There are many products available to protect heels.  None provides the combination of superior design features delivered by Heel Manager™:

• Fully offloads heels with skin-friendly design
• Extreme comfort and support for both legs
• Wider – up to 30% more surface area
• Shear Transfer Zone™ cover technology
• Heat and moisture reduction capabilities


Cradle Boot - Standard

Floats heel, supporting foot in the neutral position while preventing external rotation. Well-ventilated boot is easy to use and apply. Square base provides stability.


Foot Drop Stop - Standard

Elevates heels, supports ankle position. Adjustable strap can accommodate ankle contracture, protect against foot drop. Square base provides stability. Ring-of-Air® design provides ventilation.


Foot Drop Stop - Original

Hexagonal base, Ring-of-Air® design in center core for ventilation, and adjustable foam strap protect heel and malleoli in multiple leg positi

Cradle Boot - Original
Floats heel, supporting foot in neutral position, prevents external rotation.


Limb Elevator
Elevates casted or uncasted leg. Can be used in both supine and side Iying positions.
Flared Leg Extension
Elevates leg and knee in extended position.


Leg Trough
Immobilizes leg and knee in neutral position. Base is contoured to posterior leg to support under the knee.
Upper Limb Positioner
Positions upper arm with sloped groove for stability & comfort. Initially designed for use with burn patients.


Cock-Up Splint
Designed to help maintain hand and wrist in a desired position. Holds fingers and thumb opposed to prevent contractures. Hand stirrup is adjustable.

Head & Body

Span-America makes a wide variety of positioners for positioning and protection of the head and body.  See catalog pages for details and model numbers.


Geo-Matt® Pillow 
Comfortable support for head and neck. Disperses pressure via hundreds of segmented cells. Comes with Soft Skin® protective cover.


Head Support 
Helps disperse pressure around cranium. Cutout floats ear when in the lateral position, or occiput when in supine position.


O.R. Head Positioner 
Same as Head Support (above), but slotted to provide clearance for tubes during face-down procedures.

Positioning Roll 
Useful for various positioning needs, including cervical or popliteal support. 5" Diameter. 12" or 17" lengths.


Geo-Matt® 30° Body Wedge 
Segmented surface provides pressure dispersion while supporting trunk at a 30° angle. Also used to support arm or leg in side lying, or at foot of bed to prevent sliding in supine or gatched position. 3.4" x 11.6" x 20"


45° Body Wedge 
Both 45° and 90° angles available for patient support. Standard wedge is a full 24 inches long to support the entire length of the torso. 


For lateral positioning and turning. 18 x 8 x 8 or 16 x 17 x 9.

Surgical & Post-Operative

For model numbers of all positioners below, see Catalog Pages 1 and 2.

Open Heart Surgery Kit 
Holds each leg in externally rotated position for vein presentation. Special cuts allow for drainage tubes and sensors. Each kit includes 2 leg positioners, 2 heel protectors and 2 leg toppers.

Total Knee Leg Elevator 
Used in knee replacement surgery, elevates leg in flexed position. 

90 Degree Leg Elevator 
Bends knee at 90 degree angle. For use during surgery or physical therapy. 

O.R. Table Pillow 
Used during surgery in supine or lateral position to provide support for sensitive areas of the head. Segmented squares offer maximum pressure dispersion, especially during prolonged surgical procedures.

Axilla Cuff 
Supports and protects axilla and underarm during surgery.


Thoracotomy Arm Sling 
Used with an ether screen bar, it positions hand and wrist for access to thoracic cavity without occluding IV. Adjustable hand strap allows multiple wrist positions.


Laminectomy Arm Cradle Set 
For use in prone position. Restricts rotation of arm, cushions axilla and provides firm support for entire limb.

Elbow Protector 
Comfortable protection with adjustable strap.

Heel Protector 
Provides comfort and protection. Adjustable strap allows a custom fit.


Ulnar Nerve Protector 
A full six inches wide, the ulnar nerve protector provides protection to ulnar nerve and elbow. Adjustable ventilated design.


Sacral Pad 
Cushions sacral area during surgery. Segmented squares in center help disperse pressure.


Foam Positioning Rings 
All-purpose pressure dispersion and comfort. Available in 7",8", and 9" diameters.


O.R. Armboard Pads 
Comfortably supports entire arm during surgery when used on O.R. table armboards. 

Standard Abduction Pillow 
Adjustable foam straps. 

Abduction Pillow with Comfort Band 
Adjustable Velfoam straps with a cotton comfort band. 

Schaeffer Abduction Pillow 
Adjustable foam straps, comes with a pair of cradle boots to prevent heel breakdown.

Abduction Pillow with Contour & Comfort Band 
Adjustable Velfoam straps, contoured leg channels and a cotton comfort band.

Abduction Pillow with Contour 
Adjustable Velfoam straps and contoured leg channels.


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