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GEL 80™

Gel/Foam Mattress Overlay
Your Best Bet in Group I Surfaces

Span-America's Gel 80™  gel/foam overlay delivers effective pressure redistribution by encapsulating multiple gel bladders within a high-density sculpted support base. Creates a therapeutically advanced Group I Support Surface overlay ideal for those with at-risk skin.

Medicare reimbursable under HCPCS code E0185

Sculpted, high density polyurethane foam topper and highly resilient foam base layer.

Elastic corner straps to secure overlay to mattress.

Tri-folded and boxed for efficient freight and storage.

  • One-piece construction requires no assembly.
  • Bladders contain an aqueous non-toxic gel solution.
  • Components conform to applicable California Technical Bulletin 117 standards.

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Gel/foam overlay for hospital-sized twin (80"x35") mattress


 78"L x 34"W x 3.5"H 

Weight limit:

 300 lbs


 46 lbs


 One year non-prorated on materials and workmanship



Therapeutic Foam Overlay

The #1 selling therapeutic overlay in the US, Geo-Matt® is used by thousands of hospitals and nursing homes nationwide. It has been proven effective in clinical trials and studies as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

The top surface is cut using our exclusive Geo-Matt® design, which creates more than 800 individually responsive foam cells that are anatomically sized to the area of the body they carry. This zoned design delivers the ideal support characteristics needed at the head, torso, and lower extremities. By independently absorbing pressure points, the cells allow the Geo-Matt® to customize its support to the body's natural curvature while minimizing the effects of pressure and shearing. In addition, Geo-Matt's exclusive "Ring-of-Air® " feature helps to ventilate the surface, channeling heat away from the patient to minimize perspiration build-up.

Weight limit: 250 lbs.

Standard size:33" wide x 72" long x 3.5" high

Other sizes and styles: see catalog page.  Many configurations,

sizes,and covers (see more info below)are available to meet

the specialized needs of the O.R., long term care and

pediatric/neonatal populations. Available with tough, flexible

Soft Skin®sleeve for protection from fluids.

Geo-Matt® With Wipe-Clean Cover:

This model comes with a cover made of bacteriostatic fabric that is fire resistant, fluidproof, tear resistant, cleanable, and replaceable. The pleated design allows full integration with the mattress’s Geo-Matt® style shear-relieving surface while minimizing hammocking.

Soft Skin

Geo-Matt® is also available with tough, flexible Soft Skin®sleeve for protection from fluids.



Delta Pediatric Overlays

The middle layer of the Delta overlay has a series of unique, 5-sided cuts that allow the body to immerse into the pad, while presenting a flat surface to the patient.  This flat surface may assist in eliminating breathing interference when the patient lies prone on the surface. 
The Delta is proven in pediatric settings (see study at right), and is designed to alleviate the head and scapular pressures that often arise because infants' heads are large and babies tend to lie on their backs for long periods of time. Delta provides low interface pressures over the head and body of the infant. Delta overlays are safe, non-toxic, heat-resistant and comfortable.
Outstanding specialty surface for patients less than 70 lbs.


Convoluted Foam Overlays

Our convoluted comfort overlays are made from high-quality, combustion modified polyurethane foam. Available in a wide range of peak and base heights and foam densities to address different levels of surface discomfort. All pads are 72"L x 34"W, and are compression rolled for efficient storage.
Note: Convoluted overlays are considered effective as a comfort measure only. Consult with your Span-America representative for help in selecting the pressure management support surface most effective for your patients' needs.



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Additional Info

20.00 LBS

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