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Bed Mobility Options

Mobility and Floor Lock come standard on Encore beds

Foot End Floor Lock



Head End Full Mobility

Advantage, Advantage ReadyWide and
Rexx/Rexx Fast Floor Lock and Mobility


360 Foot End Floor Lock




Head End 360 Mobility 

Bed Side Rails and Assistive Devices

Available on all bed models


Molded 3 Position Side Assist Device


Molded Half-head Side Assist Device


Available for Advantage and Rexx/Rexx Fast beds



3 Position Assist Device

Fixed Side Assist


Half-head Side Assist

Three Quarter Collapsible Side Assist


Head and Foot Boards

Choice of 6 finishes in 8 profiles

Bleached Oak also available for Standard profiles

Elite Series

Durable vinyl - Available in 16" or 24" height





Standard Series

Low pressure laminate - Available in 15" height 



Bed Expanders

ReadyWide Integrated Expansion

The Encore and Advantage ReadyWide beds have simple, push-button operation: click once to pull expanders out to 39" (991 mm) wide. Click again for 42" (1067 mm) width.  It is fully compatible with the Encore bed's side and assist rails.


Advantage and Rexx/Rexx Fast beds


• Easily convert the sleep surface on Rexx, Rexx Fast and Advantage beds to a 42 inch width with our intuitively labelled expanders.

• Attach expanders tool-lessly to each side of the head, seat and foot decks after removal of the bed’s mattress retainers.

• The expanders are fully compatible with our optional molded plastic and metal half-head assist rails.


Bed Extenders

Encore and Advantage ReadyWide beds

The Encore bed comes standard with an extension to 80".
A kit is available to extend to 84".  These kits are also
optional for the Advantage ReadyWide bed. 


Advantage and
Rexx/Rexx Fast beds


Kits to extend bed length to 84" are also available for
the Advantage and Rexx/Rexx Fast beds.


Ergonomic Transport Dollies

Transport dollies for easy bed relocation and maintenance are available for all Span beds


                                   SAFE.  SIMPLE.  CONVENIENT.


    • Handy and compact
    • Attach easily to both end of bed
    • Bed can then safely be tipped on its side for relocation or servicing


  • Easily navigates through doorways and into elevators
  • Allows compact storage of overflow bed inventory




  • Provides safe, comfortable access to under-bed components
  • Makes servicing beds a breeze for busy maintenance staff



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Additional Info

5.00 LBS

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