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We evaluate & service your handicap equipment to ensure its properly working.

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Hire an experienced professional to install your specialized medical equipment.


Visit our handicap equipment store to get the products you need.

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Check out our rental options when purchasing equipment does not make sense.

Trust COR Freedom to Give You Your Mobility Back

We have the disability products your Flushing or Grand Blanc, MI property needs

If you or your loved ones or patrons have difficulty moving around without assistance, call COR Freedom LLC. We are a licensed handicap accessibility remodeling contractor based in Flushing & Grand Blanc, MI, serving the state of Michigan.
If your home or business needs:

We can install it so your family and patrons can move about freely throughout your living/work environment.  After we install the specialized medical equipment that your home or business needs, COR Freedom can continue to provide preventative maintenance and service for all our installed equipment. Our team also provides nationwide maintenance service for our products. 

Call 810-213-6377 now to order your disability products in Flushing & Grand Blanc, MI.

Does your home or business need bathroom modifications to accommodate all visitors?

COR Freedom can take care of that, too. We’ll make sure your home or business has the latest specialized medical equipment to serve your family or patrons.

Visit our online store to browse the disability products available for your property in Flushing & Grand Blanc, MI & surrounding counties.

Don’t despair if you can’t move around like you used to

Losing your ability to move independently can be challenging and disheartening. At COR Freedom, we make it our mission to restore your confidence and freedom. With our disability products and bathroom remodeling service, you’ll move about your living environment easily without having to always rely on others.

Our team has been installing, servicing, and maintaining our product lines throughout the Flushing & Grand Blanc, MI area and surrounding counties to make sure everyone has access. To ensure your loved ones or patrons get the equipment they need to move about safely and freely, we work closely with our clients and their support team.  

Contact our office in Flushing, MI for more information about our specialized medical equipment and services.